Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jewelry Box Cake

We recently made a couple cakes for a family party. We celebrated my aunts sister turning 50, and her other sister graduating with her PHD. So it was quite the cause for celebration. 

My mom worked really hard at creating this amazing Jewelry Box Cake. The actual jewelry is not edible, (shhh) and the lid on the box is only covered in fondant, so technically that is not edible either, BUT everything else is. The jewelry box was covered in a chocolate fondant. SHe created the handles, and painted them with edible gold. She added some fine fondant velvet on top, and placed the jewelry on it. Along with some black and red roses, and the cake is finished. SImple, classy, and TIME CONSUMING, just the way a cake should be right? It turned out awesome, especially for being our first time creating something this!

So sorry for the lack of posts around here, BUT we've all been kinda sick. Of course school starts and it doesn't take long around here. Not to mention I've been busy with a HUGE giveaway that is going on my other blog right now.

Party Planning Tuesdays will continue just as soon as things settle back down. 
Thanks for understanding!
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  2. It is amazing Jewelry Box Cake. Your mother did great job :) Yummy !!!

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  3. Another beautiful creation! I love the gold detailing.

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

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