Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 45 minute WEDDING Cake

Remember the other day when I mentioned on Facebook that my mom rushed to get a wedding cake delivered to a wedding, after getting a call asking where the cake was? Yup, she had the cake baked, and ready to go for the following day which is what her oder stated. OOOPS, I guess there was a bit of misunderstanding. 
Luckily, VERY LUCKILY she was able to fill the cake, AND DECORATE it, AND deliver it, in less than 2 hours from when she got the call. The cake is covered in fondant and decorated with fresh flowers. So this def helped out, otherwise things may not have had such a happy ending. 

Everything was done just in time for the reception to begin. It was a close one, and surely it has happened to every baker at least once right? Well NEVER has it happened to us before, it was horrifying to say the least. I can't imagine the devastation had she not been able to complete this. Thankfully everything worked out perfect though, and everyone was happy!!


Just to be clear with what she had to work with, HERE is what the cake looked like when she got the call. I just happened to take these pics of the cake as it was coming out of the oven, it smelled SO good, and I had to show you how lovely our cake looks, even without anything else on it. 

This is what a typical Romanian style cake looks like, a beautiful sponge, light, fluffy cake, YUMMY!

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  1. Oh my good golly, this is stunning! Where were you when I got married?

  2. Wow! That's just crazy! But it turned out beautifully!

  3. It's beautiful! Maybe you should tell your customers they will receive a courtesy call the day before delivery, if no call that day, have them contact you to confirm delivery time, etc... Would that work? Would probably help keep this from happening again. That way nobody is stressed out!

  4. Nothing like cooking under pressure right? At my wedding reception the caterer thought my wedding was the following weekend... luckily for me she is very organized and when her daughter (my friend) called her the night before to see how things were going for the wedding, she was able to pull it together...

    Beautiful cake, thanks for showing off!


  5. Wow! I am absolutely amazed! It looks wonderful...can't believe your mom did it that fast! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It is looking so delicious and beautiful too. My mouth is full of water when see this. Great Job !!!

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